Consortial partners

The consortium is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Martin (Leibniz Research Laboratories for Biotechnology and Artificial Organs, LEBAO) and Prof. Dr. Axel Haverich, both Department of Cardiothoracic, Transplantation and Vascular Surgery (HTTG). Further leaders of different subprojects at MHH are PD Dr. Ina Gruh and Dr. Robert Zweigerdt (LEBAO) as well as PD Dr. Serghei Cebotari and Prof. Dr. Samir Sarikouch (HTTG) and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Köhl (ICT). The external partners Prof. Dr. Braun from the Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine (ITEM),  Prof. Dr. Susann Boretius and Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Kaup from the German Primate Center (DPZ), Prof. Dr. Nils Hoppe from the Centre for Ethics and Law in the Life Sciences (CELLS) of the Leibniz University Hannover (LUH), Dr. Sebastian Knöbel and Dr. Dominik Eckardt from Miltenyi Biotec as well as Dr. Michael Harder from corlife will also contribute significantly to the joint project.




Subproject 1 (MHH: Cebotari, Martin; DPZ, ITEM): Transplantation of genetically enriched human iPSC (hiPSC) derived cardiomyocytes (CMs) in a preclinical model of heart repair (large animal model)


Subproject 2 (MHH: Köhl, Martin; Miltenyi): GMP compliant scale up of iPSC-generation and genetic engineering 


Subproject 3 (MHH: Köhl, Zweigerdt; Miltenyi): Clinical scale up of iPSC-CM and MSC production


Subproject 4 (MHH: Zweigerdt; Miltenyi): Development of techniques for enrichment of hPSC-derived cardiomyocyte subtypes


Subproject 5 (MHH: Gruh): Development of a potency assay for iPSCs for clinically applicable

heart repair


Subproject 6 (MHH: Haverich, Sarikouch): Development of a treatment protocol for intramyocardial iPSC-CM transplantation


Subproject 7 (corlife, CELLS): Development of Marketing Strategies for iCARE from an ethical and legal perspective


Subproject C (MHH: Martin, Haverich): Coordination of the iCARE consortium